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My expectation for end user satisfaction is high. I live the implementation of electronic medical records in the U.S. Army. And I’ve seen the early updates and changes. Information system, Technology, and change in them are perceived different. Some have the feeling “If it’s not broke, do not fix it”. I’ve hears senior health care professionals say things like “with all theses changes it’s time for me to do retire”. Those who found that information system was what we call “user friend” have a positive experience.Those who did not became frustrated, which can have a negative impact on not just the individual but also the team and patients. Clinical Information system (CIS) must give the end use a positive experience having a congruencies effect. Imagen a nurse on his/her third 12 hour shift using a CIS at point of care becoming frustrated with the CIS. What image will the facility have if the nurse starts to verbally talk negative about her job (CIS) to the patient. End users appreciate the role which the new technology can have in improving the service provided to patients, it’s only by taking an active role now in the implementation of CIS can end user maintain control of their own professional contribution to the large complex systems at present being implemented in many health care settings (Toromanovic, Hasanovic, & Masic, 2010).