2 page paper on article

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2 page paper using only the book (chapter 5) and the article provided. follow directions

Discussion Questions Answer the following questions after reading the article below titled Dr. Brilliant and the Devil of Ambition. Spend the majority of your paper answering question 1.

1. Analyze the power and influence aspects of this case using the material discussed in the chapter (spend most of your case analysis write-up on the three parts of this first question).

a. Which sources of personal power did Dr. Brilliant use in the case?

b. Which sources of positional power did Dr. Brilliant use in the case?

c. Which influence strategies did Dr. Brilliant use? 1. Using Table 5.10 (Comparisons Among Influence Strategies) as an information source, how appropriate were his influence strategy choices and how successful was he in his attempts at influence? (Remember it is essential that you give examples from the case for the power sources and influence strategies you believe Dr. Brilliant used)

2. How would you expect Dr. Brilliant’s views of spirituality, fate, duty, balance, ambition, etc., to be reflected in his day-to-day actions as the CEO of a company? a. Would you want to work for him based on the power sources he uses and the influence strategies he employs? Why or why not?