2 peer responses

Help me study for my Law class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Please write me 2 responses to peers that are able to be posted on anyone’s response pertaining to the subject. Also, I request you do not directly address the student, rather provide further information about the subject.

I will post my initial response below, so you know what to go off of.


1. Explain the government structure in the United States to include a discussion about constitutional democracy and federalism.

2. How do the principles of federalism impact policing?

3. What rights and protections are afforded to American citizens in the Bill of Rights?


Original responses to the Forum questions each week need to be substantial (350 – 500 words) and significantly supported by two scholarly references. Students must also use proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. The in-text citations and references will be in APA Format.

Students will also be required to respond to at least two (2) other students posting with significant comments that have substance (150 words). Comments such as, “Good job!” or “I agree” do not earn you any participation points. Your responses to another’s work should be posted as a sub-thread to the student’s original posting whom you are commenting.

Your main post is due on the board by Thursday at 11:55 pm EST. And your responses to other students are due no later than Sunday at 11:55 pm EST.