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GROUP Presentation in class (8 to10 minutes) for your specific case assigned to cover TWO parts :

i) Answer any 5 out of the 6 Analysis Questions asked at the end of your case in the textbook. Type each question followed by your answer in the same slide.

ii) Apply SSRB’s BMP to your case: pick 5 different standards from SSRB’s BMP in the attachment that should apply to your assigned Excel case workbooks. There are usually multiple standards under each category. For example, Category 1 has 5 standards: BPMC 1-1, BPMC 1-2, BPMC 1-3, BPMC 1-4 and BPMC 1-5. You may pick multiple standards under the same category as long as they appropriately apply to the case worksheet. These standards may be different than the MyITLab instructions and should NOT affect your individual Excel file to be submitted in MyITLab.

  • introduce WHAT standards you selected
  • demonstrate HOW you apply those standards (use screen shots or live demonstration on the Excel grader file for the corresponding case assigned)
  • explain WHY the standards, i.e. benefits

I may randomly pick any groups to present their case at any time in class after the corresponding Excel due date, so you should be prepared. All members must contribute and each individual may be asked questions on any part of your group work.

Your presentation will be evaluated for your

  • work quality, Including format and contents
  • presentation skills
  • group spirit