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IT117: Website Development

Topic 1:

This discussion has two parts.

Part 1: You will download the provided HTML file, Unit 8 Debug file located here, which has errors that need debugging. Please note, once you select the link, you will not be able to open the file. Instead, you will just save the file and correct the code. Once you have corrected the code, respond in this forum with what you have learned in the debugging process.

What troubles did you have? What breakthroughs? How will you apply what you have learned in this debugging process to future development?

Part 2: Julie is working with the Web development team at her company and is tasked with adding a feedback form to her company’s website. She has created the HTML form elements and now has to create the form validation.

Explore the different types of form validation.

Discuss the importance of form validation in website design.

IT261: Desktop Administration

Topic: Troubleshooting Windows Systems

You are the administrator for a small precious-metals supplier. The company has five computers running Windows 10. You would like to automate maintenance tasks when specific events appear in the workstations’ event logs. Before you create a schedule response to the events, you need to know how often the events occur on each computer. What can you do with Windows 10 to address these goals?

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