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Reflection respond to one of the following questions in an essay format. draw upon our class readings and/or discussions to support your perspectives. You are not required to seek resources in support of your essay beyond those we have encountered in class, but you may use them to the extent that you feel it will lend specific examples and weight to your argument. The main goal of this assignment is to encourage you to carefully consider issues we cover in class, and to present them in a cogent manner. I recognize that the questions below may invite you to make some challenging comparisons (e.g. “apples v. oranges”). Here I mainly seek to get a sense of how you have interpreted and valued some of the ideas we have encountered and demonstrate to us how you think about them in relationship to one another and/or other ideas you have discovered on your own as they relate to our work. Please respond to this question: We have heard a variety of different perspectives on service-learning, university-community partnerships, and related issues over the course of the semester. From your understanding, should there be any universal truths to this work? What are they, and on what basis do you make your judgments?