5.5 aerial/space autonomous and automatic systems, fundamentals, and interactions.

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In this module, you will submit a paper demonstrating an understanding of aerial/space autonomous and automatic systems, fundamentals, and interactions. You will review a map of the major UAS pieces (Links to an external site.) on MindMeister and conduct research to address the following:

  1. Describe what is the most critical component for the design effort to adapt or upgrade a system for autonomous control.
  2. Using off-the-shelf sources, and a $4,000 budget, upgrade a basic UAS to make it operate autonomously to accomplish the following mission: Photograph four separate cattle feeders on a 1-square-mile farm, and return to the launch point.Begin with a UAS that has limited (lost signal recovery only), or no autonomous capability at all. Select a small UAS vehicle that can be purchased off the shelf, and describe the reason for your selection (do not use any of the $4,000 budget on the vehicle, just the upgrades). Describe what changes you would make, and what hardware, sensors, or software you would add to accomplish the autonomous photo mission.The autonomous system components must be:
    1. Researched to make sure all components are compatible with each other and the vehicle.
    2. Described by showing the capabilities and reason for your selection.
    3. Within the $4000 budget that you have to build autonomy into the UAS, to include the ground control to program and monitor the autonomous system on its mission.

    In the conclusion, provide the total cost of your complete system upgrade to accomplish the autonomous cattle feeder photo mission.


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