Access Control

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The research papers about Access control at least 4 papers (published in 2015 or later)

The deliverables of the project should include:

  1. A report with the following sections:

a. Abstract: summary of problem statement presented in the papers.
b. Introduction: discuss the chosen papers proposed solution. These should be illustrated using text and diagrams.
c. Taxonomy: classification of the papers proposed solution and comparison between them.
d. Discussion: The students have to criticize the proposed solution they also have to propose a possible solution or alternative for some of the weaknesses of the chosen papers where ever that is possible.
e. References: The citation should follow the APA style.
f. The template of the article can be found in

2- Also, I need short presentation (power point) about the same research above.

access control

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Discuss the importance of guidelines and procedures for access control.

It must be at least 250 words and have references.