Advertising Response analysis

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From recent magazines or newspapers, identify twelve (12) advertisements:

  • Two (2) ads that have mainly an awareness response objective
  • Two (2) ads that have mainly an emotions/attitude response objective
  • Two (2) ads that have mainly a knowledge response objective
  • Two (2) ads that have mainly an association response objective
  • Two (2) ads that have mainly a persuasion response objective
  • Two (2) ads that have mainly a behavioral response objective

(Note that if you do not have magazines easily available at your home, you can access a wide variety of current magazines at your local library. Or alternately, you may select examples of print ads from online sources such as Yahoo Images – but if you use the internet be sure that you are selecting actual print advertisements and not some other type of promotional communication.)Note that ads may have more than one response objective, but your goal in this assignment is to find ads that clearly have one key response objective in order to allow you to make clear and articulate arguments for your categorization of each ad into a response category.

    1. Describe the elements of each ad that seem to “drive” the identified responses, in such a way that clearly illustrates why you categorized each ad the way you did and that demonstrates your understanding of the responses. (For example: Did the advertiser use simple recognizable visuals or character to lock the brand into memory, suggestingan awareness response? Did it offer a lot of facts and information about the brand, or discuss how the brand differentiates from a competitor, suggesting a knowledge response? Was the ad designed to stimulate an emotional response, or to make you like the brand? Did it use symbolism and conditioned learning, or associate the brand with an aspirational lifestyle, or try to transform the brand to take on a larger meaning, suggesting an association response? Did it use a spokesperson or a bandwagon appeal to build credibility and generate persuasion? Was the ad a direct response ad aimed at generating immediate and trackable behavior?)

2. Summarize with a final paragraph that identifies what you believe are the THREE most successful ads in the portfolio in terms of achieving their desired objectives, and explain WHY you think they are successful. Remember, this is about demonstrating your understanding of how advertising works, so base your assessment on how well you believe the advertiser designed the ads to achieve their desired responses, not simply on your “liking” or “gut.”

Either take a photo or scan each advertisement to create an image file. Resize the images to be <200 kb, then insert them into the text of your Word document report at the point at which you discuss each ad individually. Save the file as a single document and submit that file as your deliverable for this assignment.

Write a 2-4 page (typed, double spaced, 12 point font) analysis report that includes the following sections (NOTE: The 2-4 pages refers to the text portion of your paper. )