All you need to know in the requirement section

Can you help me understand this Management question?

my topic is about gender equality.

the company I’m talking about is TUI.

Using your standards below, research the company (TUI) and see what they are doing and identity places that they could be doing better. So under each one of the headings above you would have a description of what they are doing and what they need to do to improve. OR maybe they do not need to improve but rather they are setting an example for others. That can be discussed as well.

The standards that I came up with:

  • Monitor statistics regarding the diversity demographics of the workforce to maintain gender equality
  • Implementation of a gender audit of all employees and transparency of results


  • Involvement in various international companies in support of gender equality

While TUI could make efforts to get more involved in international programs which support gender equality, they have made small strides towards promoting gender equality among other airline companies, where a common issue of unequal opportunity for executive positions for women is seen. As stated by a TUI spokesman, “We remain committed to raising awareness within the retail and airline industry on all aspects of diversity and inclusion, as well as effecting change in our own business.” TUI made efforts to look at other airline companies and reflect on their own alongside the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, which looks at private Australian companies and reports their gender statistics. Of some of the companies, 16 were airlines and their results resembled that of TUI’s, again establishing the common issue in the travel industry. While Tui must continue to put effort into making change, their reflection on other international airlines alongside companies working towards gender equality, shows the change they are working to make (Doctor, 2018).

150 words for each point, so 300 words total.

include in-text citation and references.