analysing source

I’m studying for my History class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Read the provided source carefully, and think about (1) the historical context in which this document was produced, (2) the reasons and significance of its content (what it says, shows, demonstrates, etc.), and (3) the broader historical significance of this document for historians trying to understand this part of the past, as well as its impact on our contemporary world.

Listen to and take notes on President Roosevelt’s Fireside Chat (#6: On Capitalism and Government), and then think about how his vision for the U.S. economy differed from Carnegie’s (as expressed in the Gospel of Wealth), Mellon’s, and Hoover’s from the previous couple of decades.

As you write, follow these guidelines:

  • Provide concrete examples from the readings to support what you say
  • Integrate personal observations and knowledge in an accurate and highly insightful way
  • Present new observations
  • Make sure your writing is well-organized
  • Present information in a logical sequence
  • Use appropriate word choice and sentence structure.