Answer these questions by looking at the Series of Maps powerpointPreview the document, and by researching.

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Answer these questions by looking at the Series of Maps powerpoint, and by researching.

Be sure to open SlideShow within PowerPoint.

1. On which Slide (give the date, which is the number by Bigfonts; ignore Bigfonts) do we first see northern France take shape?

2. On which Slide do you see the “first” Holy Roman Empire, that encompasses France and northern Italy/Rome? Research first and second HREs.

3. a. On which Slide do you begin to see the 2nd Holy Roman Empire?

b. Where is it; what is the name of the current European country?

4. a. In the 500s, what begins to happen to the British Isles? Research.

b. Why?

5. a. On which Slide is the first time we see the term “England?”

b. Research: What tribe is the source for that word, England?

c. Where is that tribe originally from (NOT England, btw.)

6. When do the Vikings arise? (A range of centuries is the answer here. Research it. Not on a Slide.)

7. a. On which Slide do you no longer see the eastern Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, at all?

b. Which new empire has overtaken it?

8. As you view these maps of Europe over 2000 years, what strikes you about the borders of European states?

Include all sources used besides the Series of Maps powerpoint.