Assignment 9: Aggression and replies

I’m trying to learn for my Psychology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

See attachment for instructions. Peer replies are below and i need responses to them

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On October 12, 2019, four men were killed and three people were left wounded at an illegal gambling club in Brooklyn, New York. Police officers on the scene found evidence of gambling at the club. They had no information on a suspect or motive. In my opinion, the goal of gaining materials and social rewards may have been the reason for the aggressive behavior committed by the murderer. Perhaps this individual wanted to win and gain money and decided that acting aggressively against the other individuals in the club would get them what they wanted. It could have been that gambling wasn’t working out for them, or they didn’t want to partake, instead they just wanted to take the rewards whatever way they could. Anger may or may not have been involved in this person’s behavior and actions. Anger over gambling could have been a motive, or they may have simply been motivated by the money to act as they did. The individual could have taken inspiration from films or shows where characters are often shown gaining rewards and fortunes from murdering and hurting others. This individual clearly had a lack of empathy for everyone else who was present. The incident was of course unfortunate and very sad.

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A gunman shot a emergency physician, pharmacy resident and a police officer at Chicago Mercy Hospital. Most of the people at the place had training for it before. So they barricaded the doors and stayed inside the room barricaded. His goal to express anger towards something that may have recently happened to him may have been the cause for this aggression. A lot of people that show aggression have a goal of expressing anger towards someone or something.