BEHS 343: Parenting Today Course Week 5 DB

I need help with a Psychology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

The Reading:

The reading for this discussion, Toolchest for Problem Behaviors, is an eReserve for Week Five. Here is its title in eReserves: The Process of Parenting, pages 157 to 164 (Please see attachment). It is found under eReserves Week Five and is the fourth heading down from the top on the Week five list. It is found by clicking on the tiny little word above the chart: Week Five. The librarians have listed this as Author: Brooks, Jane B. Title of the reading is The Process of Parenting, 8th edition, pages 157-165. Sorry they didn’t list it as the Toolchest for Problem Behaviors.

Assignment: Please select one or more of those tools for dealing with problem behavior in your future children. That is, choose any tool except those listed as “ineffective forms of discipline!”

–Please explain why you prefer the tool you chose.

–Perhaps you already use one of these tools? Please explain that as well.

Please use APA format.

Four paragraphs (length)