post a brief 1–2 page description of what you understand by holisitic nursing and a holistic nursing experience you have had to this Discussion Area.

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  • How do you see this course enhancing your professional practice?
  • At least two things that you would like to get from this course.

1. How does addiction to illegal drugs and addiction to prescription drugs differ among public opinion? Please provide a specific example. Do you believe a addiction is a result of genetics, environmental influences, or both? Please explain.

2. What do you think is the main cause of tech addiction?

3. What are some of the ways a persons addiction can affect the other people around him or her?

4. Can someone be addicted to alcohol or tobacco and be an occasional user? Please explain why or why not. How does an addiction to alcohol affect those involved, including the user, partner, children, family, and friends?

5. Why do coffee and alcohol make you pee more?

6. What causes a hangover?

7. Prevention Strategies: do they work?

8. How the body absorbs and metabolizes alcohol?

answers: (70 words or more)