Capstone Component 1: IT Project Proposal

Help me study for my Business class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

This is in regard to the Fire alarm system that was done last week

The following sections must be included in your final Capstone Component 1: IT Project Proposal deliverable. However, you are not limited to including only this


  1. Problem Statement: Analyze the problem you identified and explain why the problem is significant.
  2. Overview of Solution: Provide a clear, high-level description of your proposed solution. The solution should use innovative ideas and apply emergingtechnologies where appropriate (collaboration tools, social media, cloud-based technology, mobile technology, virtualization, etc.).
  3. Methodology:
    •  Describe the operating environment, including any existing technology that is used now. How will the proposed solution replace, enhance, or be integrated with the existing system or environment?