Chapter 4 Homework.

I don’t understand this Engineering question and need help to study.

Chapter 4 Homework.

I know that some, if not all, of these answers are out there to be “Googled” but I want to see unique and thoughtful responses please.

1. What are some of the factors that cause organizations to redesign their products or services?

2. Name some of the main advantages and disadvantages of standardization.

3. Explain the term design for manufacturing and briefly explain why it is important.

4. What are some of the competitive advantages of concurrent engineering?

5. What is meant by the term “life cycle”?

6. What is life cycle assessment and what is its overall goal?

7. Why is R&D a key factor in productivity improvement? Name some ways R&D contributes to productivity improvements.

8. Name two factors that could make service design much different than product design.

9. What is “reverse engineering” and do you feel this is unethical?

10. Select an electronic devise you are familiar with (besides smart-phone). What standard feature does it have that was once a “wow” feature? What “wow” feature does it have that you think will soon be a standard feature on new versions?

10 b. Now same question, but for a service you are familiar with.

11. Describe some of the trade-offs that are encountered in product and service design.

12. Who needs to be involved in the design of products and services?

13. Give two examples of unethical conduct involving product or service design and the ethical principles that are violated.

14. What are some examples of modular design (besides computers)?

15. Explain the degree of newness and how it has impacted retail sales.