Communications and Writing for CJ Professionals CJE1130G3 ( week 2 journal assignment)

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All questions are worth 20 points:

  1. Discuss the concepts of mirroring and shifting and provide examples as to when you would use each.
  2. What is active listening? Describe some of the ways in which active listening can be demonstrated.
  3. Discuss at what point an interview becomes and interrogation. Why is it important to know when this shift takes place?
  4. Compare and contrast forensic interviewing and cognitive interviewing. Be able to provide examples of when each would be used.
  5. Discuss the concepts of neurolinguistic programming and substance of communication. What are some of the types of nonverbal communications that an interviewer/interrogator need to pay attention to and why?

Journal Assignment Grading:

Each assignment is given equal weight out of 100 points.; each question is worth 20 points. If a question is not answered, no points will be received for that response. Each question is weighted equally.

Please post all answers as an attachment in a Microsoft Word document or a Rich Text Format file. This assignment is due by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST.