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Post your answers to the following questions on the Module 3.4 “Applying & Critiquing Rothman’s Modes of Community Practice” discussion forum:

        • Choose an example community change effort to analyze for this post – it could be either an effort you have worked for or been active in, or one of the examples listed at the end of the above lecture as “Other Organizations” that I said you could use for your analysis (you’ll want to search the Internet for those organizations to learn more about them). Briefly describe the work they do. Please provide a web link related to that effort/organization to help classmates learn more about their work.
        • Next, identify which of Rothman’s 3 primary modes of community intervention are being used. Justify your selection with evidence about the organization/effort.
        • Finally, name some of the strengths and weaknesses of these mode(s) of Rothman’s model in addressing the community problem that organization/effort is focused on. How could the organization/effort further strengthen its approach to creating change in the community?

Community Discussion

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Preparing for disasters, terrorist threats, or communicable disease outbreaks is an important part of public health nursing.

  • Share an overview of a natural or human-made disaster that has occurred in your area in the last 20 years.
    • Include a URL and reference to the event. This may be a news article.
  • Describe how your community was impacted.
  • Describe lessons learned and changes made to preparedness.

Miami, Fl

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