Confidentiality Case Study LP10

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To earn credit for the lost points, you may submit a 3-4 page, double-spaced paper addressing the topic and question posed in the missed discussion board. You may incorporate your original post. Your paper must include at least 2 outside resources and reference to at least three of the learning plan 10 questions posted. I have attached a file of the learning plan 10 questions this paper is in reference to and my original post that can be used.
Missing DB Topic & Question: You are a patient service representative at the XYZ Clinic. You receive a phone call from a person claiming to be a patient, whose voice you do not recognize. The persons is demanding all of his test results for the past 6 months. He threatens to complain to the government if you won’t immediately read him the results over the phone. Is it true that under the HIPAA Privacy Regulations, you must immediately give the patient the requested information over the phone, regardless of your office policy as it pertains to the release of patient results? Explain your answer citing information taken directly from the HIPAA Privacy Law.
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