crithical thinking

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You make life choices-what you do, believe, buy, act- based on personal values. Our values system is complex and developed over time as a result of many external influences. However, we choose which values we want to adopt, and they shift as we grow. What is important to appreciate is that when values are challenged we have an emotional response, as do others, diminishing the capacity to engage critically. Please answer each question completely.

  • (8 marks)Identify one value that is important to you, and answer the following:
  • ( 12 marks) Talk to someone that you respect and ask them to share the following:
  • ( 10 marks) In the first column if a person believed in the value of individual freedom would they be pro or con for the issues listed in the middle row? In the third column would they be pro or con if the value that they held was sanctity of life?
  • Why is this value important to you?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Recall a time when you “lived” this value. Specifically what behaviours did you exhibit that supported this value?
  • How might you react if this value is not being honoured by others?
  • Three values that are important to them.
  • Where did the values come from?
  • Have their values changed over time? How?
  • Comment of how different or similar the values are to yours.

Individual freedom pro or con?

Sanctity of life pro or con?


Death penalty






Failing in school

Watching the news