D. Watch a film that focuses on issues related to those who are affected by exceptionalities (e.g., My Left Foot, Children of a Lesser God, I Am Sam, The Mighty, Radio, Rain Man, Mask, Adam, etc.). Your summary should include the title of the film viewed

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The projects are designed to be enriching, educational, and perspective-widening. This project will involve two due dates, the first for you to hand in your project idea and the second for you to submit a three- to four-page summary of your project experience (see below for due dates). Please complete this project individually. While some of you may choose the same project option as some of your classmates, do not use the same specific source that one of your classmates uses (e.g., interviewing the same person, observing the exact same classroom, viewing the same film together, etc.). If you would like to complete this project using a unique idea that is not listed below, please obtain my approval first. Failure to do so could jeopardize the grade you receive for this project.