Decision Appraisal Report 1

I’m trying to learn for my Psychology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Your first Decision Appraisal Report should build on one of the two decisions that has not yet been made that you discussed in your Three Decisions Questionnaire, or a new decision if none of those are workable for this class. Note I provided comments on your submission to the Three Decisions Questionnaire, which you should find on the assignment in Canvas. Please read that and consider it.

You can find detailed instructions on how to do a Decision Appraisal Report in this document:

2.2.1 Decision Amplification and Appraisal.pdf

This document summarizes a useful information from the class on how to do a decision appraisal. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions. Also, you should review 2.1 The Decision Wheel.pptx and 2.2 An Integrative Decision Process.pptx to be sure you understand the concepts. Your responses should be thorough, thoughtful, and meaningful, since this will be the basis for modeling your decision as part of your learning experience in this class.

In addition, your Decision Appraisal Report should include a graph. This page provides an example: Decision Appraisal Graph Examples. You will find a tool to help you create the graph by going to this page, (then clicking “next”): Decision Appraisal Graphing Tool.

Also note: Please include the title and description of your decision, per the 3 decisions questionnaire, at the beginning of the report.


  1. Please upload your file in .pdf format.
  2. Please put your Full Name and the title “Appraisal Report 1” in the filename of the document.