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The readings for this module discussed the difference between intrinsic and instrumental value. Considering the different proposals about what sort of value objects in the natural world have, explain how you believe we should go about determining the damage that is done when an environmental disaster occurs.

You can consider a real example of an event that has occurred, such as the spill of coal-cleaning chemicals into the Elk River in West Virginia that left thousands of people without water for several days, or a hypothetical event, such as imagining what might happen if the Keystone Pipeline project were completed and a huge oil spill occurred in a relatively rural area. As you explain how we should assess the damage that did or might occur, you will need to explain how you have decided which living and non-living things to count in the consideration of consequences.

In your replies to others, consider whether the claims that are made imply that the value of nature is intrinsic or instrumental, and what other perspectives could be taken in the consideration of the example.