Discussion Question 75 words

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Have you found yourself searching the internet and suddenly see an ad “pop up” that connects to the very topic or subject matter you were reading about? Have you shopped on-line only to see “Your Recommendations” delivered to a separate email about your browsing history?

These examples are the result of programs implemented using a variety of algorithms to “track” our search history, interests, shopping and dining preferences, and even our connections to a political party. After reviewing the readings and videos shared in our week 4 module, please respond to each of the following questions.

  • How do you believe technology plays a role in governance and laws which have been created as technology has advanced?
  • Are there benefits behind the algorithmic programs that share additional recommendations for us based on our “browsing history” through the internet? If so, what are they, and why are they beneficial?
  • Consider the Net Neutrality rules currently being evaluated by the government (refer to the video and article shared on this topic in our weekly material). Do these “net changes” impact society’s perception of the government in a positive or negative way? Why do you feel that way?