ENG101 Evaluation Essay – 7 paragraphs

Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

1. Lesson 7, Assignment: Evaluation Essay (100 points)

  • Following the writing process described in this lesson, compose an evaluation essay that meets the following criteria:

    • Essay length: The essay should be at least 7 paragraphs.
    • Research expectations: The essay should cite at least TWO secondary sources and a primary source. If your primary source is based on an observation (ex: a restaurant review), be sure to describe the location and when you conducted the observation.
    • Format: The essay should be in MLA format, including a heading, double spacing, and a works cited page. Check out the “Citation Help” page in the ENG101&102 Research Guide to review correctly formatted sample citations and to learn about tools that will generate citations for you!
  • Save your work as a Word file.
  • Upload your work to Turnitin.com (the plagiarism detection service).
  • Review the Evaluation Essay Grading Rubric PDF before submitting this assignment to your instructor.

One of the most common missteps in this assignment is not reviewing a product/service/piece of media.

Your job is to evaluate something! You are the expert. You have first-hand knowledge of this particular topic, and you want to tell the world how great it is- or how horrible it is!