epidemiological Concept

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Theme 1: Discussion

Review HealthyPeople 2020 overarching goals and objectives/topics. Pick one of the topics and explain what epidemiological and vital statistic data need to be collected in order to plan a community outreach hospital-based program to meet one of the HealthyPeople overarching goals. Provide an explanation of why you chose that topic and the specific data to collect. How it is going to relate to the chosen overarching goals. Offer a pathway (an epidemiological tool to use) to collect the necessary information. Refer to two credible sources. The answer may be presented in a table of visual map format. Please do not attach documents.

Theme 2: Learning Activity

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer among men and women in the USA. You are hired as a manager-planner by one of the hospitals. The organization is interested in establishing a community outreach program promoting smoking cessation and lung cancer screening. The Board of Directors requested your services in processing the data collected through the prospective cohort study among male and female population visiting local gym. The data set is attached. Please use Excel or Epi Info to process the data. Chose the correct epi tool, provide a graphic representation of the processed data set and offer a conclusion as to the causative relationship between smoking and death. List the potential biases and provide a recommendation as to the study validity and reliability. Inform the Board of Directors (and your peers) about your findings.