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Writing an Essay

At the bottom of a clear plastic cup I see a triangle composed of three bent arrows. In the middle is a number 6 and

below the triangle are the letters PS. When we look throughout the kitchen, the bathroom, even the labs in some

situations, we can see all plastic containers with similar figures but with different numbers (1~7) and letters. What

do these images mean? What do the numbers: 1~7 represent?

Explain in an essay the function and interpretation of these messages on the plastic containers including the

background on this information, why was this initiated and by what entity, and any current issues such as health

problems with certain plastics, etc.

Your answer and explanation should be concisely presented in no more than 3 pages of A4 paper (singlespaced). However, inclusion of Appendices is allowed, giving supporting information. Reference all sources of

information used.