essay relate to political science and film

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  • Using knowledge from the readings, lectures, screenings and discussions, you will write an essay on three media examples from class that express a more radical, internationalist Black politics. One of those three media must be the film The Spook Who Sat by the Door. The other two can be drawn from any other media we’ve seen in this course. You will need to be strategic and choose the best examples of Black radical politics and give specific details from those examples to make your point. You can refer to other media that helps to make your point, such as more filtered, mainstream, whitewashed, or neutral media examples we’ve seen. However, you will want to choose media examples that most obviously illustrate a Black radical politics. A strong answer will provide specific examples of both the content and form (or style) that is representative of a Black radical politics and aesthetics. A strong essay will make connections between the three media examples you choose.

Malcolm X (Arnold Perl, 1972)

The Spook Who Sat By The Door (Dixon, Greenlee, 1972)

Black Panthers

three movie for the essay