examine the issues of church reform, authority, and crusade in the eleventh century

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Title:Church Reform, Authority, and Crusade in the Eleventh Century


This term paper examines the issues of the Crusades, religion and authority in the Middle Ages. Follow the guidelines exactly as stated.

  • Introduction.Include this statement as your thesis: “This paper will examine the issues of church reform, authority, and crusade in the eleventh century.” YOU MUST HAVE THIS THESIS STATEMENT IN YOUR PAPER EXACTLY AS WRITTEN.
  • Transition to and begin your essay with an analysis of Church reform.Give a one paragraph summary of pages 339-352 from the Hunt textbook, focusing on how the Church exercised its power on a spiritual AND political level.
  • Transition to your next topic on the Investiture Conflict.What is the basis of this dispute? What do Henry’s denunciations reveal about his conception of the source and scope of his power as emperor? (Selection 10.2)
  • Transition to your next topic on the First Crusade. Why does Urban II urge his audience to fight against the Turks? What language does he use to describe the Turks? What language does he use to describe their journey?What did the Crusades offer to people who went on them? (Selection 10.3)
  • Conclusion.Summarize and restate your points about Church reform, authority, and the First Crusade.Come up with at least 3 original observations here.The conclusion will be the most important part of this paper.


Your paper must be 1000 words, plus or minus 100 words.Put a word count on the first page.Double-space, 12 point font, stapled.Do not pad the word count with repetitive phrases. Remember direct quotes do not count toward the word count.Since this is a short paper, you should not be quoting excessively.Any citations should simply be in parentheses: (Lualdi, p. 50).

  • Avoid all informal words, contractions, and the use of the pronouns “I,” “you,” “we.”
  • Avoid all slang, and use of the word “basically” or “etc.”
  • Avoid making references to modern times.Your paper must be historically based and demonstrate your knowledge of ancient society.
  • Write-out all numbers (except for dates).
  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar will all be counted against you.
  • No outside reading is allowed for this paper.Do not reference the internet or copy from your textbook. Do not reference class lectures.
  • The most important aspect is the flow of the paper.Make sure it is not choppy and everything ties into your thesis.TRANSTITION FROM TOPIC TO TOPIC.