Financial MAnagement question 6

Can you help me understand this Management question?

1.Go to and explore the video tab using the key term diversification. As you learned in this unit, there are various sources of information. Watch at least three videos you find, list the videos you viewed, and provide a summary of the type of information that the video contained and how it relates to this unit. Suppose you win the lottery. What would you do if you decided to invest the money in the market? How would you diversify your portfolio and why?Answer in couple sentences

then below agree or disagree to a post within 2-3 sentences

2. For this discussion the first video that I watched was about Jay Clayton’s top investing tips to include compounding, diversification and taking free money. He thinks that in America we need to focus more on saving money for retirement. He wants there to be a reduction in fees and taxes in retirement investing in order to gain more of that free money with government retirement packages. The second video was about how diversification is the most sensible way to fund goals. Seema Mody explains that by being diverse in your investing you are less likely of having one company ruin your portfolio.

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