Fire prevention coding

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Explain why to each answer

Read the Case Study on page 193.

  1. Answer the 4 multiple choice question by listing the numeric number with the correct Letter after the number. All 4 questions must be correct to receive credit for the Question 1. Example 1. A, 2. B, 3. C, 4.D
  2. Open then San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) Fire report Request Form. What is the California Government Code (GC) section cited that can be used by SFFD to deny disclosure of a fire investigation report?
  3. Using the Government Code 6254 subsection (f) complete the following sentence: However, state and local law enforcement agencies shall disclose ….
  4. Another area we must be careful when disclosing public documents is GC 6254 subsection (c). What does subsection (c) state?
  5. What subsection of GC 6254 protects records of Native American graves, cemeteries, and sacred places and records of Native American places, features, and objects?