Foundations of computer science

Can you help me understand this Computer Science question?

If this is your first time programming or learning a compute science language I would recommend to go to this site:…

Read and do one exercise for each part. For doing the exercises you might need go to this website which has an on-line compiler for C++ among other languages. or at the end of the page there is a section of languages you can use on line

for On the right top side of the web page select language to C++ and you will be given the skeleton of every program on C++ will have the same lines.

When you do the exercises make sure you save them on an text editor. for your results you should use snipping tool if you have a windows machine and combine code and results for your best understanding.

Do only one exercise from each section for this assignment.

The DEV-CPP zip folder is a portable compiler for just C++. unzipped and copy to your USB or PC . This DEV-CPP only runs in windows.