free blog tool

I’m trying to study for my C Programming course and I need some help to understand this question.

For this Assignment, you will create a blog post addressing Internet use and security.

To complete this Assignment:

  1. Use the search engine of your choice, search for “free blog tool.”
  2. Select the tool that you feel is most appropriate for the task.
  3. Sign up for a free account. (Note: if you already have a blog account, you may use that.)
  4. Choose an appropriate background or theme.
  5. Give your blog an appropriate name.
  6. Create a post that contains a short paragraph on each of the following topics:
      1. Brief history of the Internet and security issues.
      2. Methods of communication
        1. Social networking
        2. Email
        3. Wikis and blogs
        4. Podcasts and webcasts
        5. Streaming media
  7. Include a relevant image in each of your blog posts. Make sure that the pictures are free to use and share. (Hint: Use Google Advanced Image Search. Under “License,” choose “Free to use and share.”)
  8. Provide a direct link for each image you use.