fundamentals of IT ( Task 5)

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Task 5 Computer Security and Internet Safety

Watch the video from start to end “Computer Security and Internet Safety Fundamentals” with Jess Stratton.

  • Click Here for the Video
  • The entire video series is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes in length.
  • Log in in with your Stratford credentials.
  • Save your “Certificate of Completion” for uploading in Lesson 5 area.

View the video segment, “Anti-Malware Solutions.” This video will help you to complete Module 5 assignment.

You have just received a panic call from your client explaining that the business next to their coffee shop network has just been attacked by malware. The client wants to know how the coffee shop can be protected from such a malware attack. Your task, is to reassure your client by explaining what malware is and the types of malware that could pose a threat. Also be sure to go into detail with the client what should be done to prevent such attacks to their network.

  • Use the video segment, “Anti-Malware Solutions” to help you.
  • Upload your work as a Word Document to Moodle.