Health questions and PowerPoint

Need help with my Powerpoint question – I’m studying for my class.

Hi I have assignment to do it’s about 2 question and each question about 70 – 85 words.

  1. Provide name and website for each of the 3 healthcare marketing/communication companies
  2. Research the website and provide a quick overview of the different healthcare marketing/communication activities related to population health.

Other one it’s about PowerPoint first make outline and second PowerPoint it’s about 13 slide, (This includes title slide and reference slide. you gonna put headnotes for each slide and write too or there sentences so I can read and explain the point for each slide.

Example Outline of Presentation

  • Part #1: Define the problem
    • What is the nature and extent of the problem (i.e., descriptive epidemiology, obesity)
    • What groups are at highest risk?
    • Consider the “face” of a patient with this problem.
  • Part #2: Describe the causes
    • What are the causes of this problem (i.e., analytic epidemiology)?
    • What study designs have been used to learn about the causes (e.g., cohort, case-control)?
    • What gaps exist in our knowledge about the causes?
  • Part #3: Describe public health and prevention strategies
    • What programs/policies are effective in preventing this problem?
    • What types of intervention studies have been done to learn about what works?
    • What gaps exist in what we know about prevention and control strategies?
  • Part #4: Discuss challenges and opportunities for closing the gap between science and practice
    • What are the barriers in translating our knowledge about prevention into practice?
    • What ethical, social, or political issues exist?
    • What can be done to overcome these barriers?

    and my topic are:1- ( Identifying obesity/overweight status in children and adolescents in united states ).
    2- ( Pediatric Obesity: Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment Strategies for Primary Care).Choose anyone