HR/ Healthcare Coverage Paper

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Please follow every instruction. For part 6. just upload the photos on here.

Mr. Baldy has decided to offer health insurance to all full-time associates. You have been asked to provide 3 health care options for the 15 associates at the car wash in the metro-Atlanta area. Most of your employees are in their late 20s or early 30s. The average wage at the car wash is $20,670/year.

1.Shop for Small Business Health Options Programs at

2.Choose “Georgia” for your state (in the box titled For Companies with 2-50 employees)

3.Scroll down to the Try it free section and click “Get started now” (so you do not need to provide your email)

4.You will see a list of Medical Plans

5.Look through the options and identify three plans that you think Baldy should offer its employees. Consider the criteria you will use to make your selection.

6.Compare the plans you selected, take a screenshot or take a picture of the comparison chart for your records. Make sure you have a reliable way to share your selection with me before you close the window. Submit this document to the submission folder (along with your analysis) OR you can copy it into your final document.

7.Submit a short (1.5-2 page, double-spaced) summary on iCollege of the pros and cons of each plan(focus only on the main points). (Remember the issues that we have discussed in class – e.g., deductibles, out-of-pocket, copayments, coverage.) GRADING CONSIDERATIONS:

Proposed Healthcare Plans (3) 12 points

Recommendation/Explanation 16 points

Clarity, style, and spelling 6 points

TOTAL: 34 points