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Emergency Scenarios with Case Review

Hazardous Exposure & Universal Precautions

The following emergency scenarios are to review hazardous exposure and universal precautions at your worksites.Read each question and provide a reasonable answer.I realize that we have not covered “Universal Precautions” in class but if you “Google” it you’ll understand it’s meaning.

As you read each scenario, you are welcome to use what information that has been provided in class or past classes.Additionally, I have no issue with the use of the internet from a credible source.Document your sources if using websites or any electronic information.

Emergency Scenario:

1)How does OSHA inform about hazardous materials in the workplace?

2)What are common hazardous materials are used in general industry or construction?

3)What information is available about common hazardous materials, and where should this information be kept?

4)If there was a small spill of a hazardous chemical, what should be done?

5)What are some safety practices that will help prevent spills?

6)What should you do with a half empty container of unwanted chemical product?

1)What key steps should be taken?

2)What are universal precautions?

3)What standards does OSHA require PPGG to make available to employees?