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For this assignment, the student will watch a movie and discuss how this movie can be used in a K-12 classroomwith the economic strands of the TEKS. You will be surprised how many films have an economic themes, e.g.Dances with Wolves, Angela’s Ashes, A Christmas Carol, ET, Mary Poppins, Tucker, 9 to 5, and many more. First,choose a movie, favorite or otherwise, and respond to the following questions:

1. Give a brief summary of the movie and provide 2-4examples of economics themes (see Cleaver)addressed by the readings and/or the TEKS that are suggested in the movie.

2. How can this or other movies be used to promote critical thinking in the social studies classroom?

3. Give an example of a specific classroom activity where clips from the movie can enhance the teaching/learning of a difficult economics concept.

4. Share other instructional strategies or best practices used to effectively engage diverse learners and support a student-centered classroom model.

This paper must be reflective of experiences in a socialstudies learning environment and must be 3 pages(minimum), 12-pt. font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and a Works Cited page included.

Consider the following to enhance critical thinking skills: Which TEKS would apply to achieve the activity’s objective? How can this suggestive movie be used in the classroom? What kind of economics lessons or activitiescan be developed for younger students? What will students learn from an activity or movie like this?

Specific assignment guidelines and grading criteria can be found in the Unit 3 Assignment Folder or the Syllabus in Blackboard.

Review the syllabus and rubric and choose one movie or documentary from a pre-selected list or choose your favorite economic-related film to write a three-pagepaper (works cited/reference page required).

To ensure success in this SOSE hybrid course, please note the following writing criteria:

  • 3-page requirement (minimum)
  • 3-source requirement (minimum)
  • 12-point font
  • one-inch margins
  • double-spaced
  • paragraph format
  • works cited page
  • headings
  • cited sources in paper (e.g. Davis, 2013; Hullar, 2006)
  • MLA or APA standards
  • refer to Social StudiesTEKS