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My business idea:

Business innovation is important for every company in order for it to sustain and grow. With the right innovation, it will allow the company something unique to offer its customers that set them apart from the competitor (Tredgold, G. 2018).

My business concept or product idea involves an Intrapreneurship opportunity for ESPN. ESPN is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company and falls under Disney’s Media Networks segment. ESPN has an over-the-top (OTT) streaming service called ESPN Plus that allows you to watch various major sporting events and ESPN platform shows through this app. With the changes in consumer consumption habits and competition, ESPN had to change the way they were providing content for viewers.

This company is a global brand and because of their global recognition when the company produces a new product, sports fans who are also fans of the brand want to be involved.

The product idea I have involves a collaboration with the already established direct-to-consumer app ESPN Plus. The ESPN Plus Data Tracker will act as a one-stop-shop of information gathering for sports content. The product would work as a component within the ESPN Plus app. It will be a tool for the public sector, news and information environment, and PR and Communications industries to streamline content gathered from various social media outlets and funnel it into one main source.

My concept will be something unique to the avid sports fan because it will allow them to follow a particular team or player and know their every social move without the hassle of flipping through various social media channels, the team’s website and other online outlets all in one setting and on one platform.

Because the idea will be incorporated with an already established ESPN component, my concept is an Intrapreneurship for the company. There are several social media apps however with ESPN Plus Data Tracker it allows users to streamline their information without getting all of the other outside noise and focus solely on what is important to the user.

For the News and Information sector, which includes sports and other media outlets, Public Relations and Communications firms, ESPN Plus Data Tracker will allow users to discover significant breaking news before it is made public knowledge, which is ideal in an industry where networks and other media outlets want to be the first to break the news.

In the current marketplace social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are oversaturated with news and information, which can be overwhelming (Brown, C. 2018). In order to get information from a variety of sources you have to follow or friend that component. The difference between these outlets and ESPN Plus Data Tracker is that you do not have to befriend or follow anyone if you do not choose to. For example if you decide to have your preferences focus on the SEC sector of College Football, or if you have a Fantasy football team and need to know any news and information that may help you, you can customize your search options to get only that information. This would include information from small news outlets to bigger ones, to football player tweets, Facebook and IG posts, to school tweets, Facebook and IG posts. Once you select your preferences, you will only get information pertaining to those preferences.