Inequality paper

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Over the course of several weeks we have read and discussed several social theorists who have in some way or another explained mechanisms and structures of inequality. These theorists include Karl Marx, Max Weber, W.E.B. Du Bois, Patricia Hill Collins, Simone de Beauvoir, Emile Durkheim, and Kingsley Davis/Wilbert E. Moore. We have looked at both classical and more contemporary theorists and we have also examined inequality from both conflict and functionalist perspectives.Your task now is to select one theorist (Davis and Moore count as one) and write a paper explaining why you believe this theorist makes the strongest case for explaining inequality in U.S. society. The criteria for this paper include the following:

 Provide logical arguments supported by both primary and secondary evidence o Primary: Writings by your theorist o Secondary: Writings by scholars who have analyzed and/or applied the arguments of your theorist

 Two pages of writing, single-spaced

 One page for references (this will be a fifth, additional page)

 At least two secondary, peer-reviewed academic sources as references o I recommend using the library databases as well as Google Scholar

 ASA format

 Correct spelling and grammar You will make your best case for your theorist by addressing the following questions:

 Who is your theorist? Give me some biographical background.

 How does that perspective, in general, best explain stratification in our society?

 What are the main arguments of your theorist?

 How do your theorist’s main arguments apply to the stratification system of the U.S.? Do they reflect the current stratification system?

 Have the arguments of your theorist accurately predicted specific outcomes, in your educated opinion? How so?

 How does your theorist compare to others? Why select this theorist over the other options that were available? (Compare your theorist to one or two other possible choices and explain why you thought that your theorist more adequately explained inequality).

 Now that you have made the case for your theorist, where does this theorist fall short? What limitations are there to your theorist’s arguments, in your educated opinion? There are always limitations and criticisms that can be made! Writing Resources (links can also be found in Google Classroom:

 ASA format guide for in-text citations and reference pages:…

 Fresno State Writing Center: