invented conspiracy theory essay

Help me study for my Political Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

expand the attached essay up to 5 pages, (need 2 pages more)

more references are welcome, thanks

essay requirement:

about a detailed conspiracy theory that student will invent. Students’ invented conspiracy theory will explain some heretofore hidden narrative behind a recent event and will incorporate the various common themes among conspiracies studied in the class, for example, what evidence is used, how the evidence is interpreted, how the argument is created, how counter arguments are dismissed, etc. The student will write a 3 page faux research paper detailing their invented theory and the “evident” behind it, student will not create the evidence, but will look at existing facts and give new meaning to those facts.

will be graded on their theory’s creativity, how closely it mirrors elements and aesthetics common to the conspiracy theory genre we explore throughout the class, and the degree to which “evidence” was drawn from a wide variety of sources. These invented conspiracies must be original, but unliike many conspiracy theory, these invented conspiracies cannot involve any offensice racial, ethnic, or religious stereotypes.

So the essay should about a recently event: U.K. Truck Driver Charged With Manslaughter in Deaths of 39

and invented the conspiracy theory behind this event, who benefits from this illegal immigrant.

still need some researches, such as the media report differently from different countries

there are some guide questions

-why CNN claimed that those bodies of 39 migrants in southeastern England were Chinese at the beginning, and then “mostly Chinese”, and then said “Probably Vietnamese

-why those illegal immigrant people has Chinese passport on them

-Does this expose the problem about economics of Vietnamese