Journal Entry

I’m studying and need help with a Psychology question to help me learn.

Reflect on the Grammarly resource that has been provided to support success in your scholarly journey.

Describe your experience, including:

  • Identify the top three issues Grammarly uncovered in your work (e.g. wordiness, passive voice, subject-verb agreement). Were any of those issues surprising?
  • Share some of the feedback Grammarly provided as explanations. What did you learn? Was it helpful?
  • Describe the usefulness of the Grammarly tool.
    • Did your writing improve?
    • Will you use Grammarly to help you proofread your entire paper? Why or why not?
    • Will you use Grammarly for your future class assignments? Why or why not?
  • Share any remaining proofreading questions or concerns.

Additionally, reflect on RefWorks, the online bibliographic management program available to you at University of the Rockies.

  • How have you used RefWorks so far? If so, describe the usefulness of RefWorks. Have you found that it has helped you to keep resources organized? What features of the tool do you find most helpful?
  • If you have not used RefWorks yet, how do you plan on using this resource for this class and for the duration of your doctoral journey?