JOURNAL WRITING- PROPER journalistic format

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Central Point Problems faced by international college students

  • Story Outline
    • Major Sections
  • The pressure of changing a major.
  • The purpose of this story is to provide an idea of the types of issues that students face while changing their major.
  • Sources
    • Interviewees (3+) answering those questions:
    • 1) Why did you change your major?
    • 2) How did you overcome the stress of changing your major?
    • 3) Do you have any suggestion to students who wants to change their major?
    • 4) what sacrifices did comes with this change?
    • 5) what kind of issues did you face after changing your major?
    • 6) Did you lose a lot of credits? Or did they transfer some credits?
    • 7) After this journey how do you describe it ? and what did you learn from it?