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Part 2

Data collection can become a slippery slope for businesses. Many steps should be considered when collecting data. Why do we collect data? Which data will be gathered? Who’ll collect the data? How do you handle the right data? The organization must be justified in collecting data. Improving industry, remaining competitive, and rising demand are driving data collection. Different methods can be used to handle information, and what type of data can be requested depending on the system. Two types of data are data attributes. Attribution data is the presence or absence of an organization-required feature. Accurately measured factor info. Understanding that the data collection systems will be safe from intrusion is also essential.

Furthermore, employees with access to the collected information need to know and will not disclose information to others or mishandle the information. We have seen in the past and are likely to see again in the future that data will never be 100% secure, but companies need to do their best to protect the information from compromise. The Chief Information Officers (CIO) will be responsible for ensuring that proper network and safety policies are in place to protect the collected data. Best practices and lessons learned from other companies can help draw up data collection strategies and guidelines. So keeping information secure is up to everyone.

Reference: Links CINPACFLT. Essential system optimization tools: Unit 7, data collection. U.S. Air Force Retrieved: http:/www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/bpi manual / mod7-datacoll.pdf

Part 3

Marcus Hutchins has discovered the virus kill switch, reverse malware engineer, and security researcher. He used his embedded tracking system for malware apps. I was learning WannaCry last year. Many hospital records were ransomed, and it was essential to reschedule patients needing severe surgery. In contrast, NotPetya, another malware used the Double Pulsar and Eternal Blue to cause havoc. As 1.7 million internet connections are unstable, this is a significant concern (Whittaker, 2019).

Re-patching is excellent, but businesses are trying to find a proactive alternative. Cybersecurity is a must, and an alert has been issued to WannaCry. Systems aren’t as robust as we felt before. The recurrent theme is Asia’s skepticism. The innocent of North Korea. The cryptocurrency loves criminals. I’m not a real cryptocurrency. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, answers the criticism from Maxine Waters. It’s complicated, and I think the situation will become more troublesome before it changes.

The newest controversy is the WannaMine blockchain mining assault. One solution is Desktop Central, a platform that avoids vulnerabilities in processors such as Meltdown and Spectre, defends against ransomware, fights endpoint-based hacker attacks, secures email communication, protects roaming machines, improves data security, detects hacked or infected phones, and enforces confidentiality and retains it.

Whittaker, Z. (October 4, 2019). TechCrunch. Retrieved from https://techcrunch.com/2019/05/12/wannacry-two-years-on/

Part 4

When searching for a product on a website, certain products that were viewed tend to come up as an advertisement when visiting other sites. This can sometimes create a conversion to the website, but there are many times when the products continue to show up on different sites that are not relevant to the what is being searched for. These ads should be restricted to only showing up on sites relevant to what is being searched for. It can become frustrating to the user to continuously keep seeing an ad for something that was searched for previously that may no longer be relevant.

As a CIO at a small company, the retargeting strategy would be an effective strategy to convert customers back to my website. Having the advertisement still being able to pop up on a website that has similar merchandise may influence the customer if they have forgotten the product that my site has, which could still create a conversion. This would also help reduce the cost associated with displaying the ad on another site if the customer no longer needs the items

Part 5

When I shop online I use Amazon for mostly everything except food.and jewelery to name a few items. I like their merchandise plus customer service is really great. Amazon offers numerous benefits for the consumer at various price levels. One such benefit is my Amazon Prime membership a great service. The membership offers music, free shipping, Prime Video, and E-Books just to name a few of the twenty benefits offered. Plus they recently acquired Whole Foods for Prime members and you get a 10% discount on sale items. If you are into music they have a deal just for you unlimited or limited. Next, Amazon Elements offers organic products such as, baby food. Well if you are interested in a one stop shop check it out.

Some of the risk associated with shopping with any company on the Internet and particularly like Amazon cyber security is a problem. The first security threat I think about is identity theft because criminals are surfing just like we do. Identity theft is one the most critical data breaches consumers need to understand and know the consequences. When criminals get your personal information they cause serious problems that take time and money to correct. Another issue is how secure are my stored credit card information. If malicious users attack by heading off my purchase at the payment portal and use my information. How does Amazon protect me from these kinds of attack? Amazon uses a system dubbed Transaction Risk Management that foresees security breaches before they penetrate the transaction process.

As i use this site I implemented a two factor authentication process on all my credit cards and added spending limit alerts to each card. This is my first line of assurance that can bring me some sense of security. Next I do not open suspicious mail at all just like unwanted ads. Phishing scams are another way our personal information is stolen. Also, change your passwords and make them difficult on a regular basis. When you shop online use Antivirus software and install a firewall on your Wifi connection. Prevention is good to do so be alert when making online transaction while surfing the web.

Part 6

There are several ways to identify customers and how they are interacting with your company. The best way is to first understand why the customers are using your business in the first place. For example, at the non-profit I work at, we issue credentials to sonographers. So our customers are using our sites to find out how they can earn a credential, maintain that credential and what they can do with that credential. Understanding why your customers are using your site can help identify the types of new customers you get.

Also, understanding the demographic of your customers can help identify how they get in contact. Especially finding out the age range. Younger customers are more likely to reach out via email or the internet while older customers are more likely to call or drop by an office. These steps will help the executive management adjust outreach to their customer and plug any holes that may exist in communication. To incorporate into the organization’s ERP, the executive management can start by trying it out internal to the company. That is a perfect sample size and they can use those suggestions outwards.