Methods of Measuring Behavior

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Methods of Measuring Behavior

Using the information in Chapter 6 of your text, review measures in your area of interest in the Mental Measurements Yearbook database in the Capella library.

Select 2–3 measures that would be appropriate for your research proposal. Briefly describe each measure and discuss the reported reliability and validity. When discussing the measure, be sure to cite it using APA rules for citing of tests in print, which means including:

  • Who (author).
  • When (year of publication).
  • What (title of test).
  • Where (book or article where published).

Do not cite a Capella database as retrieval information. You can cite the Mental Measurements Yearbook as a source, as long as you cite it correctly using APA guidelines. Otherwise, find a published source in Databases A–Z and cite that in your references list. In the event that you locate an instrument that is appropriate for the study you are planning, include it in your matrix for analysis and inclusion in your Literature Review assignment.

Consult the G.R.E.A.T. Discussion and Feedback Guidelines With Checklist document to craft your discussion post.