my topic is on how jihads and its varied meanings have affected non-muslim perception of islam.

I’m working on a History exercise and need support.

Your rough draft is your opportunity to show me a sample of your final paper for my commentary on both the content and style of your work. Please be sure to use complete sentences. It’s okay if you’re missing information, as I do not expect for you to turn in a completed draft.

Please make sure that your work has been proofed for errors as much as possible. I will not read (and therefore will not grade) something that is illegible due to errors in grammar, etc.

The Rough Draft should:

  • Be at least 1.5 pages long
  • Contain appropriate citations mla
  • Be in accordance with Instructor’s Guide for Papers
  • Not be in first person unless I have already approved of such
  • Give me a good idea of your topic and your argument
  • Have 1” margins
  • Be double-spaced
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  • Have an introductiotn of some sort, even if this is not the finalized version
  • NOT be padded with superfluous information to increase length
    • (I will know and I will count off of the grade for it)