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Class Name: Edu Governance, History & Phil

Module 6: Week 2

Discussion 6b:

1) Review the two scenarios for this Module in Doc Sharing and answer the questions with them. I will attached them.

2) Having studied curriculum, teachers’ rights and responsibilities, and students’ rights and responsibilities, what would you say are the key landmark Constitutional laws that affect curricular decision making and First Amendment rights?

Current event summary: Layout attached! Current event on any article on Discussion 6b

Article Reflection 6b: Layout attached!Student Rights & Responsibilities

1. “California Students Suspended for ‘Liking” Racist Post Sue”

All students read and submit 2-3-page reflection.

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Class Name: Edu Governance, History & Phil

Module 7: Week 1

Discussion 7a

1) If you could change one area of reform that influences the curriculum and classroom instruction, what would it be? Why did you select the one you did, and how would you “change” it?

2) What are your thoughts about reform efforts involving school choice, especially charter schools?

Article review

Do Accountability Policies Push Teachers Out?” By R. Ingersoll, L. Merrill, & H. May. Educational Leadership, May, 2016, Vol. 73, No. 8, pp. 44-49

Layout attached

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Current event: On the any event recarding the discussion 7a, Layout attached

Class Name: Edu Governance, History & Phil

Module 7: Week 2

Discussion 7b

1) Do you agree with merit pay as an incentive for teacher performance and student achievement? Why, or why not?

2) What is the most important aspect of teacher evaluation/appraisal currently used in Florida public schools, based on what you have learned and/or observed?

Current event on any event based on discussion 7b layout attached.

Article review:7b

  • “How Does Value-Added Data Affect Teachers?” by J. Jennings & A. Palas, Educational Leadership, May 2016, Vol. 73, No. 8

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Class Name: ESOL Found:Cross-Cultural Com:

Module 7 Week 1

Discussion post: 1. Watch the following videos:

The 5 Stages of Second Language Acquisition

Zone of Proximal Development

Answer the quiz questions provided in this video.

2. Answer the following questions and engage in a discussion with your peers.

1. What role does the zone of proximal development play in learning a second language? How will you address the zone of proximal development when working with ELLs?

2. What are the characteristics of BICS and CALP?

3. How do each of the stages of language acquisition relate to the use of BICS (social language) and CALP (academic language)? Why do you believe it is important for teachers to understand the difference between BICS and CALP and how they relate to the stages of second language acquisition, and planning for English Language Learners?

Discussion 7a

Answer the following questions:

1. Chapter 15 of the textbook discusses the processes of first and second language acquisition. After reading the chapter, discuss how the processes are similar and how they are different. What is your conclusion about the two processes? Are they more similar or different? Explain your responses.

2. Silent period or pre-production is the stage when second language learners simply listen and absorb the language. What suggestions do you have for supporting a student in your class who is in the silent period or pre-production stage of language acquisition? Justify your suggestions.

3. Discuss the characteristics of BICS and CALP and why it is important for teachers to learn about BICS, CALP, and Cummins’ quadrants.

Homework 6:I will attached this

Class Name: ESOL Found:Cross-Cultural Com:

Module 7 Week 2

Discussion 7b:

Answer the following questions.

1. Discuss the major tenets of Krashen’s and Cummins’ model of second language acquisition and discuss how you would apply the models in your classroom.

2. Krashen talks about “comprehensible input” in his theory of SLA. Your text (Ariza) talks about common problems of learners of English. Think about a content area and discuss specific strategies you would use to achieve this in your classroom.

3. Research shows that academic language is the most important aspect of language learning in school as it relates to academic success. Given the number of years that it takes to develop CALP, what are some ways a teacher can ensure that ELLs are exposed to academic discourse? Be explicit in your discussion based on your reading of Chapter 17.

Class Name: ESOL Found:Cross-Cultural Com:

Module 8 Week 1


1. Choose 2 content area standards for a grade level of your choice. (Use the Florida State Standards or CPALMS.)

2. For each standard, write a content objective for your students. Underline the bloom’s taxonomy verb.

3. For each content objective, write a language objective related to the content standard. Underline the specific language or vocabulary necessary to complete the objective.

4. Finally, you will include how you will assess the student on the content and language objective.

Discussion 8a:

Answer the following questions

1. How can you use content and language objectives to determine how to modify your lesson plan? How do these support the achievement of your English Language Learners?

2. How can you use the WIDA Can-Do Descriptors to write your content and language objectives? What information do the Can-Do Descriptors provide to help you write the objectives?

3. The integration of language objective and activities is a critical component of lesson planning. How will you address teaching language to newcomers or beginner ELLs?

Class Name: Mathematics in Elem School:

Module 13:

Data Collection Discussion:

Read and discuss the following article How Many Jellybeans Are in the Jar?

Discussion Board 13:

Activity/Discussion: Students will review datasets and share their analysis with the class via discussion post.

Specify data sets and discussion question for students:

Class Name: Mathematics in Elem School:

Module 14:

Teacher Professional Development Discussion:

How does ongoing teacher learning contribute to lesson planning and instruction?

Discussion Board 14:

Read the following article: Learning in Algebra

How does this article assist in your knowledge of personal development?

Class Name: Mathematics in Elem School:

Module 15:

Teaching Math in Middle School Discussion:

Read & discuss the following article: Return of the Tug-of-War.

Answer the following question.

How did the mathematics tasks in the article provide opportunities for the use of multiple strategies for algebraic thinking?

Discussion Board 15:

How can models be used to help children understand operations to develop algebraic thinking?

Class Name: Mathematics in Elem School:

Module 16:

Core Values Paper Instructions:

Saint Leo University value of Personal Development (Mini-paper): Describe the core value of Personal Development and its connection to the area of mathematics:

  • How you have grown in your understanding of teaching mathematics in the elementary school.
  • Peer-reviewed journal article to support Personal Development.
  • What areas of Personal Development do you plan to pursue and why

All papers must be:

  • word processed
  • 2 pages in length
  • font should be 12 point and in one of the following –Times New Roman
  • double-spaced; and
  • have one inch margins

Include citations in APA format.

Class Name: Reading Foundations Elem

Module 13: I will Upload Book images!

Discussion post 12:

Watch the video above. You will see a teacher conducting a close reading lesson. What characteristics of close reading do you observe?

Class Name: Reading Foundations Elem

Module 14: I will Upload Book images!

Discussion post 13:

Watch the video above. In the video, you will see a teacher conducting the Reading Street Program from Pearson, which is a basal reading program.

What do the teachers say they like about having a basal reading program? What did they do at this school to learn how to use the program effectively?

All Discussion Posts at least 100-200 words I have due dates listed. Here.

ALL Assignments are listed under in word doc. I will give the layouts attached. Please list the class name for each assignment and module.