Non Market Distribution Methods

Non Market Distribution Methods

Non-market distribution is the procedure by which profit motivations expelled from the demonstration of disseminating items, products, and administrations. Here are a few instances of Non-market distribution techniques

  • first-come/first-served (e.g., antibodies, organs for transplant)
  • sharing similarly (e.g., food dissemination)
  • weight (e.g., in view of % of populace or amount)
  • merit (e.g., awards, challenges)
  • Random (e.g., US green card lottery, understudy lodging) — the dominant part

Non Market Distribution Methods.

Question Description

Step 1)  Choose one of the distribution methods listed above. There are seven kinds of methods listed, but you only have to choose one.

Step 2)  Write one or two paragraphs, of at least 150 words, explaining the distribution method that you have chosen. In your response, be sure to answer the following questions:

Who receives the goods or services from this distribution method?

Who does not receive the goods or services?

What are the advantages of this method?

What are the disadvantages of this method?

Is this method efficient (or not wasting resources)? Is it fair (or free from bias)?

Can your chosen method be used to distribute large amounts of goods and services to many people each day? Why or why not?

Step 3)  Find an example of your chosen distribution method in the real world, such as in school, at the mall, or at home.

Step 4)  In another one or two paragraphs, or at least 150 words, explain how your example uses this distribution method. Specifically, mention, who receives the good or service and who does not, the advantages and disadvantages that you see from this method, and if the method was fair and efficient in your real-life example. Include a citation giving credit to where this information was found.

Be sure to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. at least 375 words in length and include a list of works cited.

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