personal cultural intelligence plan: part 2 (knowledge)

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Livermore (2015) said, “Leaders high in CQ Knowledge have a rich, well-organized understanding of culture and how it affects the way people think and behave. They possess a repertoire of knowledge about how cultures are alike and different. They understand how culture shapes behavior” (p. 65).

In this assignment, you will reflect on the Knowledge aspect of your Personal Cultural Intelligence Plan. Address these areas in your paper:

  1. What are your cultural “norms” (beliefs, values, behaviors, outcomes, and attitudes) based on your background, upbringing, etc., and how does that impact how you lead teams and interact with others?
  2. Research and report on the role of multiculturalism in your current or desired career field.

Your paper needs to be APA style, using APA section headings, 4 pages double spaced (plus cover and reference page), with at least four scholarly references (the course books do not count towards the minimum scholarly references).